Hurricane Irene a prime example of the need for disaster recovery solutions

When hurricanes and other natural disasters inevitably strike, companies without proper systems in place stand to lose most if not all of their important documents.

Treeno Blog writer Tom Gwizdala recently highlighted the case of U.S. transportation dealer Lucky's Trailers, which was valued at $16 million before Hurricane Irene struck last summer. The company lacked any proper data protection solution and ended up losing all of its purchase orders, receipts and personnel records.

"Disaster recovery is all about risk management," wrote Gwizdala. "The cost of ignoring disasters can be very high, including total collapse of the enterprise. The recovery of critical business data in the wake of a disaster poses a major obstacle for most businesses."

Lucky's systems analyst John Van Vught told the news provider that the company was forced to shutdown for two weeks. He also noted that businesses considered electronic document management systems but never adopted it.

One way companies can use technology to their advantage is to adopt cloud-based email continuity solutions. Rather than risk losing their files during a natural disaster, converting their documents into an online repository allows businesses to access their files following an incident such as a hurricane.

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