Study: Majority of law firms using cloud computing in some capacity

A recent study published this month by ALM's the American Lawyer found that a majority of firms are using cloud computing in their operations.

Of those companies surveyed, 65 percent indicated they use the cloud for one or more business functions. According to the study, 63 percent of cloud users said they have the technology in place to address e-discovery and litigation support.

Also, 35 percent of firms surveyed revealed they use the cloud for their human resources, while another 35 percent said email management. The American Lawyer research also indicated that 20 percent of participants use the cloud to address their storage needs.

"Continuing cost pressure is among the factors leading firms to explore cloud-based technologies," said the study. "Instead of buying and maintaining their own servers and storage, firms pay subscription fees, converting major capital expenses to ongoing and, in theory, more manageable operating expenses."

Law firms seeking to leverage the power of cloud computing technology can also adopt email archiving solutions to take advantage of its unlimited storage capacity for email, documents, instant messages and other information. A cloud-based system can also help ensure email continuity and email compliance.

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